Why All the Fuss?

455_5795_web_4columnOver the last several weeks we have heard about little else other than the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton.  We have been regaled with every sort of speculation regarding who would be on the royal guest list, to what the bride would wear, to whether the newlywed couple would kiss once or twice.  This morning all the questions were answered as the world breathlessly watched the happy couple become man and wife.

All the hub-bub and attention this affair has been given leaves me with a question:  “Why all the fuss?”

Seriously, when you think about it, there is a wedding that happens somewhere in the world every single day, probably several of them.  Those events, however, do not receive anywhere close to the attention this wedding has generated.  Why is this wedding different than all the rest?  Why does this young couple stand out about all others?  The answer is really quite simple.

This wedding is the stuff of fairy tales.

Everyone loves the fairy tale where the handsome prince marries the beautiful young damsel and they live together happily ever after.  Weddings like William and Kate’s revive all the imaginings, hopes, and dreams we had as children.  These events allow us to step outside our everyday lives into a place where dreams are fulfilled or founded.  Vicariously we are able to experience some of  the joy of the happy couple as though it were our own.  For this one moment in time everything seems right with the world; everything is good and hopeful.  In short, it makes us feel really good.  And so it should.

Those of us in the Kingdom of God who tend to view things from a more prophetic standpoint, see and hear something going on beyond the surface of it all.  Beneath all the furor we hear the deep cry of the human heart to be loved fully, finally, and forever.  We sense the longing of the human soul for that day when their lives can be lived happily forever after.    We also hear the heavy sigh in the hearts of those who fear their day will never come.

I would then like to tell you of another wedding that will take place in the future; one in which everyone can participate.  When the Lord Jesus Christ returns in glory, He will be wed to His people for all time and eternity (See Revelation 19:5 – 9).  “Happily ever after” comes nowhere near describing the joy experienced by those participating in that glorious wedding.  The key, however, is to live in relationship with Him today so we will be sure to be in attendance on that day.  This is the joyful expectation of all the followers of the Lord.

I sincerely wish William and Kate all the best in their new life together.  I know, however, that the best  wedding is yet to come!


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