An Open Letter to Harold Camping of Family Radio


Mr. Camping,

May 21st, 2011, has come and gone.  You predicted with absolute certainty that this was the day when the rapture of the Church of Jesus Christ would occur.  When the rapture did not take place as you predicted, people all over the world (myself included) waited to see how you would respond.  To say that your response was disappointing would be a gross understatement.   The only thing your response accomplished was to completely undermine any shred of credibility you may have had left.

Mr. Camping, in your response you said the following:

“The Bible is a very spiritual book. There are a lot of things that are very factual, very factual, of course, but there are a lot of things that are very spiritual. How to know whether to look at it with a spiritual understanding or a factual understanding is hard to know.

“The fact is when we look at it more spiritually then we find that He did come.”  (Quoted from The Christian Post).

So, let me get this straight:  the Lord returned in a spiritual sense?  Really?  Just how to you propose to prove that?  You yourself said it is hard to know whether to take things as factual or spiritual in the Bible, yet you loudly proclaimed the rapture occurring on May 21st as being a fact.  What is the world supposed to do now, simply take your word for it that it was spiritual rather than factual?  I’m sorry, sir, but that sounds like nothing more than refabricated Millerism to me.

You further refused to take any responsibility for those who gave away money, homes, and jobs in preparation for May 21st, the date you predicted for the rapture.  While it is true that you most likely did not tell these people to make the sacrifices they did, it is equally true that they made these sacrifices because they believed your predictions.  You boldly preached the rapture on May 21st as a fact, they accepted it as a fact, and they sacrificed heavily for their sincere beliefs.  So what do you now say to the gentlemen who used $140,000.00 of his own money to advertise May 21st as the end of the world?  “It sucks to be you?”  What do you say to those who have no homes or jobs to go back to?  “I guess you should have made a better choice?”  Mr. Camping, although you may not be criminally responsible for the choices these people made, you are, at the very least, morally responsible.  It is time you stopped trying to cover your tracks and own up to fact that your predictions wreaked havoc in the lives of countless people.

I also find it interesting that you said you and your followers would not be passing out any more tracts or putting up any more billboards in light of the end of the world predicted for October 21st, 2011.  You have stated that the world has been warned.  Isn’t the real reason for you not taking further action is so you will not draw further criticism when you are once again proved wrong?  I’m sorry, sir, but even a child could see through that.

Far more disturbing were your statements that being a Christian had nothing to do with being caught up in the rapture.  You openly stated that people of other faiths could be saved if God chose to save them (see Christian Post article).  Really?  Jesus Himself declared that only those who believed in Him would not perish but have everlasting life (John 3:16).  This clearly indicates that eternal life comes only to those with an active faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.  You are preaching a form of election that even John Calvin did not preach!  Your doctrine of salvation clearly does not square with the Scriptures you claim to have studied so diligently.

Mr. Camping, the only thing your response to the failed prediction of May 21st has served to accomplish is to completely disqualify you as someone people should listen to for spiritual guidance.  Your thoughts are confused, your doctrine is unscriptural, and you lack integrity when it comes to taking responsibility for your errors.  I can only hope and pray that people will turn off your radio program, throw away your printed materials, and cease listening to your teaching altogether.

May God forgive you, Harold Camping, for the shame you have brought to His Name, and for the devastation and confusion you have brought into the lives of people all over the world.





  1. Thanks, Mac. I’ve heard and read several preachers and teachers almost giving Mr. Camping a pass, as if he merely misinterpreted debatable portions of Scripture.

    I have not been so generous (perhaps this says something about me). Mr. Camping is the false teacher that Paul, Peter, and Christ Himself warned against and that we are to have nothing to do with.

    I do feel some empathy for those who gave up everything based on what Mr. Camping was teaching. On the other hand, if the followers had spent any time themselves in Scripture as did the Bereans, as Paul and Peter taught so passionately, they should have sniffed out rather quickly that something didn’t smell right. The fact that they followed the teaching of a delusioned man instead of the clear teachings of Christ is further evidence of the Cult of Camping.

    One of the real tragedies of this debacle is that, while no Christian I know seriously believed the May 21 false-prophecy, non-believers rightfully had a field day at the expense of this “Christian” belief. Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve read and heard many comments mocking and ridiculing all Christians over this. Most tragically, I fear, is that many hard hearts were hardened even further.

    But, God has a purpose, even in this. Perhaps, it is that in order to overcome this hurdle, we Christians now have to work even harder to demonstrate the love of Christ and the truth of the Gospel. Which would not be at all a bad thing.

    1. I really appreciate the fact you are trying to see the good in this situation. It is true that our God is in the business of making miracles out of messes! Thanks for your comment Kevin.

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