Take Time to Reflect

I absolutely love this time of year. I love going through the stores and seeing them all decorated for the holidays. I like driving around and seeing the homes all decked out in lights and with Christmas Trees standing in the windows. I thoroughly enjoy the smells of Mina’s Christmas baking (and also like to do a little Christmas tasting!). It is such a fun time of year. The whole holiday season just seems to sing with joy and hope for the future.


Something else I love to do (if I ever get the chance) is to sit down with a good cup of coffee and reflect on the story behind the holiday. I find the fact that God took upon Himself flesh and lived among us as a man to be absolutely fascinating. And it must not be forgotten that the Incarnate God is at the very foundation of all we hold dear as Christians.

Think of it: if there was no Incarnation there could be no Crucifixion and no forgiveness for our sins. Without the Incarnation there would be no Resurrection and no hope of our one day being resurrected. Without Christ coming in the Incarnation there would be no hope of His returning in glory, and our future would be very bleak. In short, the entire Christian faith stands or falls on whether or not God became a man. Thankfully we have the testimony of those who interacted with the Lord Jesus that He was indeed God come in the flesh. We also have the assurance in our own hearts born of the Holy Spirit. Praise God!

Beloved, in the midst of all the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, please take some time to quietly reconnect with the Story. Let your heart once again lay hold of the fact that the Son of God became the Son of Man that the sons of men might become the sons of God. May your hearts once again be filled with joy and wonder as you ponder these things and believe.



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