My Least Favorite Time of Year

halloween night

When you walk into a grocery store, dollar store, or department store this time of year, what do you see?  Scary costumes, plastic replicas of amputated body parts, skulls and skeletons, models of “haunted” houses, ad nauseum (that may not be a word, but it fits).  All of it to help people get ready what is favorite “holiday” of many.  For me, this has to be my least favorite time of year.
Yes, it is once again time for Halloween.  I continually shake my head at the fact that thinking people cannot seem to see that there is something wrong with this picture.  Anything that has so much darkness attached to it cannot possibly come from anyplace good.
This is why sometime back I devoted an entire blog post to the subject.  In it, I outline the origins of Halloween and what our response should be as followers of the King.  You can read to post here.  David Flowers also wrote an excellent post on the subject on his blog The Centrality and Supremacy of Jesus Christ.  It is well worth the read.
What do you think?  Is Halloween something we should participate in if we claim to be living in the Reign?



  1. Wonderful post Mac! I wish more Christians thought liked this, but unfortunately, they try and make the holiday “Christian” or “harmless” to fit in with their lives and not the Bible.

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