Great Books About the Kingdom


For the last several months I have been teaching an overview of the Bible from the standpoint of the Kingdom of God in our Adult Sunday School Class at Christian Fellowship Church.  As I read it, the Kingdom of God is the overarching theme of Scripture.  Everything in the Bible makes the most sense when viewed in this context.  It has been an amazing journey for me as I have developed the material for the class.

There have been three books that have been of tremendous benefit to me while preparing the course.  I would like to share them with you in the hope that you will add them to your personal library.

026261_1_ftc_dpAnnouncing the Kingdom by Arthur F. Glasser

This book provides a comprehensive survey of the biblical foundation of mission. It investigates the development of the kingdom of God theme in the Old Testament, describing what the concept tells us about God’s mission in creation, the flood, and the covenant with Abraham. It then describes God’s mission through the nation of Israel. The book then examines God’s mission as Israel is sent into exile and the stage is set for the Messiah’s coming. Finally, the book considers the fulfillment of the kingdom of God through Jesus Christ and the church. It examines Jesus’ parables and ministry, his proclamation of God’s kingdom among the nations, and the work of the Holy Spirit through the church.

20908_1_ftc_dpThe Kingdom of God by John Bright

This book traces the concept of The Kingdom of God throughout both the Old and New Testaments. It looks at the history of that concept and suggests its contemporary relevance. Bright states, “To grasp what is meant by the Kingdom of God is to come very close to the heart of the Bible’s gospel of salvation.”

027462_1_ftc_dpThe Drama of Scripture by Craig G. Bartholomew & Michael W. Goheen

The Drama of Scripture is an introduction to the basic story line and theology of the Bible. In considering the biblical story, the authors emphasize the unity of the whole, viewing the Bible as a drama in six acts–creation, sin, Israel, Christ, church, and new creation. Two overarching themes tie the biblical story together–covenant in the Old Testament and kingdom in the New Testament. Throughout, the authors suggest, God is revealed through the story and calls us to participate in his drama.

All of these books are amazing.  You will profit greatly from any or all of them.  I hope you make them part of your training arsenal for living in the Reign.


All reviews and thumbnails taken from  Click on the thumbnails to order books.

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