I’m Not the Only One

In a recent post I discussed the fact that we may need to change the label used by God’s people to identify themselves.  This is based on the fact that the term “Christian” has so much baggage associated with it.  I have also found out that I am not the only one struggling with this issue…


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I Don’t Want to be a Christian Anymore

 Micah J. Murray blogs over at Redemption Pictures.  In a recent post titled I Don’t Want to be a Christian Anymore, Micah also wrestles with the term “Christian” and what is has come to mean.  Let me give you a snippet of his musings.

“Christian. It’s just a word, and words only have meaning because we agree that they do. But this one has more meaning than most. It’s a religion and a relationship, a philosophy and a subculture. It’s history and hope and death and life all rolled together and tied up into two syllables. It defines us.

“And yet, we hold it at arm’s length. Because a word that was first infused with reckless love is now sullied with terrible politics and poorly-written films and bad tipping at restaurants. Because a word that first united a brave family of Jesus-followers has been slapped on everything from bumper stickers to church buildings to Presidents. Because a word that first described a profound relationship with the God-man has become a genre descriptor for terrible art and imitation music and Chicken Soup for the Soul.

“Words only have meaning because we agree that they do, but this word means something to all of us.It stirs painful memories of rules and oppression and half-truths. It’s the beautiful religion that whispered hope when there was nothing but darkness. For most of us, it’s an impossible mixture of both – life and death, truth and lies all swirled together. We look in the mirror at this label stamped into our own foreheads and we try to rub its stain from our skin, but still it remains. Christian.”

We Will Never Erase It

Micah has it right.  Like something written in indelible ink, we will never be able to fully rub the stain from our skin.  The only thing we will accomplish if we try is to make ourselves raw.  But if we are going to wear the label, then we must wear it in light of its original meaning.  “Christian” must once again refer to one who is like Christ; one who is covered with the dust that results from following the King so closely.  Only then can the term be redeemed and worn as a badge of honour, instead of being a label associated with shame.

Read the Whole Post

Go and read Micah’s post in its entirety.  Micah is a fellow traveler who says it like it is.  I believe he will help us all on our journey of living in the Reign.


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