The Transition Process 2

In a previous post, I began to discuss God’s transition process (you can view that post here).  Transition is the process through which the King moves us into the various phases of His agenda for our lives.  In this post I will discuss the next principle involved in the process, using Israel’s experience of leaving Egypt as a backdrop.

5464206917_3e499db4f0_o Photo Credit: y2-hiro via Compfight cc

Principle #2

There will be opposition to your transition.

Not everyone (including you!) will be in favor of your transition.  In fact, some will be very opposed to it. That was certainly the case with the children of Israel.  When Moses walked in to Pharaoh’s court and announced that the Lord was calling for His people to be released, the king would have none of it.  He new that if he let Israel walk out of Egypt he would be losing the majority of his work force.  Instead of releasing the Israelites, Pharaoh made their lives even more miserable with increased labor.

The Opposition We Face

Opposition to our transition can come from a variety of sources.  Let’s name a few.

  • Family can be one of the biggest sources of opposition.  Children will not want to leave their friends behind.  Your spouse may express serious concerns over you leaving a secure job.  This kind of opposition can be quite hard to contend with.
  • Friends may also voice their concerns.  Any change in your life will effect them as well.  They may urge you to take a vacation on the premise that you will see things differently once you return.
  • Believe it or not, spiritual leaders may also oppose you.  If they are not listening to the Spirit of God they may give wrong counsel.  They may encourage you to use “wisdom” in considering making a change because of how it will effect your family, friends, church, etc.  Our they may try to make you feel guilty for opting out of a ministry you have previously been involved in.
  • Opposition may also come in a positive form.  Your boss may offer to give you a promotion or a raise if you will stay!

It needs to be mentioned that these various parties may mean well when voicing opposition to your transition.  Most of them will actually want what is best for you.  The enemy of God, however, can use well meaning sentiments to oppose the change necessary to bring you into a new level of Kingdom effectiveness.

Opposition Serves a Purpose

The opposition to our transition actually serves a purpose.  It forces us to draw closer to the Lord to make sure we are hearing Him accurately.  When Pharaoh made the lives of the Israelites more difficult, Moses drew near to the Lord for a fresh word.  Make opposition work for you.  Let it drive you to the Lord so you can keep right on living in the Reign.


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