The Transition Process 4

This is the fourth post I have written regarding the transition process (you can go here to see the others).  In this post I want to look at a critical step in the process of God leading us forward.  If we fail at this point, the whole transition process comes to a grinding halt.

4111094247_ec14f9947b_o Photo Credit: angus clyne via Compfight cc

Principles #4:  The Lord will lead us to a place of consecration

Consecration is not a world we hear much about any more, but it is critical to the transition  process.  At some point in the journey, the Lord will lead us to a place where we must forever turn our backs on the familiar. Only then will we be able to fully engage with Him as He leads us into the next phase of His will for our lives.  It can be a scary process, but it is absolutely vital.

Crossing the Red Sea

As the nation of Israel transitioned out of Egypt to journey to the Promised Land, they came to the Red Sea with the Egyptian army hot on their heels.  At this juncture they had to make one of two choices:  either they could forever turn their backs on Egypt in order to proceed, or they could surrender to the Egyptians and frustrate the plans of God (at least for the moment).

Of course we know how the story turned out.  Moses stretched out his rod and the Red Sea parted so Israel could cross over on dry land.  When the Egyptians tried to pursue them, Moses once again stretched out his rod and the waters came together.  The Egyptian army was dealt a stunning defeat, and the way back to Egypt was closed.  The apostle Paul says through this event Israel was baptized into Moses and the cloud that led them (See 1st Corinthians 10:1 – 2).  This was Israel’s moment of consecration as the Lord led them to the Promised Land.

It’s No Different

It is no different for us as the Lord leads us through a process of transition.  Until we are willing to forsake that which has been familiar and journey forward into unknown territory, we will never enter into the new thing the Lord has for us.  Too often, however, we want to have all our questions answered before we make a commitment.  Questions like

  • What is it going to cost me?
  • Who is going to pay for it?
  • What will happen to my family?
  • Will I really be successful?
  • What if I fail?

And the list goes on.  Add to that all the voices that will tell you you are crazy for even thinking about it, and it can be very difficult to surrender to the Lord.

A great victory will be won when we finally bow down and say, “Lord, I will follow You not matter what it costs or how long it takes.  My life is Yours.”  At that moment a great majority of contradicting voices will be silenced.  The Lord’s peace will begin to fill our hearts.  We will sense a new strength to proceed on the journey.  Now the adventure will really begin.

Make the Commitment

Do you find yourself at this stage in your journey?  Let me encourage you to make the commitment.  Bow down and surrender to the plans the Lord has for you.  What could be better?  Even though it may be a little scary, consecrating ourselves to the Lord opens the door to see new manifestations of His glory.  Consecration is a significant step to living in the Reign.


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