Possessing Our Possessions 5

When discussing the transition process the Lord uses to move us into the new season He has for us, I talked about how the Lord would lead us to a place of consecration (go here to see that post).  The same is true as we begin the process of possessing our possessions in the next phase of the King’s plan for our lives.  We can be sure He will bring us to a new place of consecration and cleansing.

6448211675_037af0b4cf_b Photo Credit: flatworldsedge via Compfight cc

Crossing the Jordan

Joshua chapter 3 opens with Israel standing on the eastern bank of the Jordan River, somewhere north of the Dead Sea.  On the other side of this river lay the Promised Land.  Once they crossed over into the land of Canaan, they were committed.  They would either have to take full possession of it, or they would have to surrender to the people of the land in defeat.

Of course we know how the story ends.  The priests took the Ark of the Covenant onto their shoulders and stepped into the river.  Then. by an act of Almighty God, the waters of the Jordan rolled back and the people went across into Canaan on dry ground.  Once the people were across, and a group of 12 stones were gathered to build a memorial of the event, the priests came up out of the riverbed and the waters closed in behind them.  At that moment the children of Israel ceased to be a people in transition.  They were now a people taking possession of their possessions and they had to be committed to the task.

Making the Commitment

We also have to make a new commitment once the King brings us through the transition process and into our new season.  He will not allow us to stay in a state of perpetual transition.  Eventually we will have to

  • Take the new job the Lord has arranged for us.
  • Enter into that new phase of ministry.
  • Move to that new location.
  • Begin that new relationship.

Whatever it is, we have to make a commitment and get started.  The Lord will be satisfied with nothing less.

A Fresh Cleansing

In Genesis 17:9 – 14, God gave circumcision to Abraham and his descendants as a sign of the covenant God had made with him.  This covenant directly related to the possession of the land of Canaan.  Looking a little deeper, one can easily see that circumcision represents at least three things:

  • A putting off of the flesh.
  • A putting off of the unclean.
  • A putting off of the superfluous.

It was a sign of a cleansed people; a people who had been set aside for the Lord.

In Joshua 5:2 – 7, Joshua instructed all the men to make flint knives and be circumcised.  Those who were born during Israel’s sojourn in the wilderness had not received this sign of the covenant with the Lord.  It was a very important step as they began to take possession of the Promised Land.

By the same token, a new cleansing will be required of us as we enter our new season with the Lord.  Things that were tolerated in the past season will now have to be put to death through repentance.  We will not be allowed to bring yesterday’s baggage into our new day.

Make the Step

It all comes down to making the necessary steps to enter our new season with God.  It will require a fresh commitment on our part to begin taking possession of our possessions in this new day.  It will also require a fresh cleansing from all that would hinder us.  These steps are quite necessary as we continue our journey of living in the Reign.


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