A Book for Every Follower


LADIES & GENTLEMEN, MAY I HAVE YOUR ATTENTION PLEASE?  Lance Ford has written a major book that everyone needs to have in their library.  Read on the find out why…

Who is Lance Ford?

41HvoEGXY2L._UX250_Lance is the co-founder of the Sentralized Conference in Kansas City. With over two decades experience as a pastor and church planter, Lance is a writer, coach, and consultant who has designed unique training systems currently being used by networks, seminaries, and leaders throughout the world. His passion is to give himself to resourcing and equipping churches and leaders anywhere and everywhere as they develop missional lifestyles. Lance holds a Masters Degree in Global Leadership from Fuller Theological Seminary. His book, Right Here Right Now: Everyday Mission for Everyday People, was co-authored with Alan Hirsch. He serves on the National Leadership team for Forge America Missional Training Network.

I predict that his recent book, Revangelical: Becoming the Good News People We’re Meant To Be, has the potential to set the Evangelical world right-side up.  A glance at the back cover will give an indication as to why this is so.

From the Back Cover

When you hear the word evangelical, do you think “good news”? That’s what the word means, and it’s what we’re meant to be.  Yet too often, it’s not how others see us.  Do you ever say you’re an evangelical Christian and see others immediately grow defensive?  Do they assume you’re  judgmental or angry; do they make assumptions about your beliefs, your intelligence, or your politics?

When people look at us, do they see the Jesus we claim to love?

Lance Ford has learned firsthand the critical importance of rediscovering what it means to live the Good News. In this groundbreaking book, he calls us as Christians to be re-evangelized–to realign our hearts with the things that most concerned Jesus. To transcend the culture wars and get back to the gospel of the Kingdom of Heaven. To joyfully live the gospel in such a way that the surrounding culture will have no choice but to recognize us as Good News people.

In Revangelical, Ford offers inspiring glimpses of a life-changing, church-stirring movement and shares hope-filled stories of evangelicals who are living out the Good News. The revangelicals are changing the world. Are you ready to join them?

Order the Book

Every serious minded follower of Jesus Christ needs to order this book immediately. Once it arrives, you need to lay whatever else you are reading aside and thoroughly digest its contents. Then, after you have read it, read it again. After reading it a second time, read it a third time. Lance Ford absolutely nails it when he describes what living in the Kingdom of God looks like in our current day. If I had the means to do so, I would immediately buy a copy for everyone in the congregation I serve. This book is really that good.  Lance Ford paints a vivid portrait of what life looks like when we are truly living in the Reign.


Readers from the US may order here.

Canadians order here.

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