Then There is Jesus

The message of the end times did not begin with Jesus Christ. God has been declaring His intentions for His creation right from the beginning. In the First Testament, we have a brilliant preview of coming attractions, frequently in vivid detail. But then there is Jesus. How does He fit into all of this? By … Continue reading Then There is Jesus

Preview of Coming Attractions

The various reactions you get when you announce that you are going to talk about the end times is nothing short of interesting. It can be anything from absolute terror to passive indifference. I'm not sure which one is worse. We get these varied reactions for a couple of reasons. For one, a lot of … Continue reading Preview of Coming Attractions

We Need to Change Our Clothes

One of the greatest indictments against the Church of Jesus Christ is that there is little, if any, difference between them and the people of the world. This indictment is not without merit. It doesn't matter what we believe if that belief doesn't affect the way we respond to life. That's why we need to … Continue reading We Need to Change Our Clothes