They say passion is what drives a man. I guess that’s why I am committed to helping everyone find a vital and interactive relationship with God through Jesus Christ. It was something that alluded me for years. I thought at times that it was something beyond my grasp. Now, after much learning and earnest pursuit, I have a relationship with the Lord that is life-giving and life-transforming. That’s why I am devoted to training people in the hearing God life so they can truly walk under His government and bring Him glory in every area of their lives.

Another passion of mine is helping people discover their purpose. In the Kingdom of God, there is no such thing as a meaningless life. Every member of Christ’s Body is gifted and has a specific assignment. I love helping people discover the treasure the King has deposited in their lives so they can begin to walk in it and serve Him more effectively and joyfully.

On the technical side of things, I was born in 1960, so you can do the math. I am also the husband of one, the father of two, and Papa to three of the most handsome grandsons to ever walk the earth. I also do some speaking at camps and retreats for young people, helping to pave the way for the next generation to take up the torch and continue to advance the Kingdom.

I’m glad you dropped by. I hope you are helped by what you find.


All photos of me courtesy of DonMPhotography