Healers Needed

Photo Credit: chanlsrfer via Compfight cc In last week's post I discussed the fact that chaos dominates our world.  Because that is true, our world is broken.  It is sick on every level imaginable.  Relationships of all kinds are in a state of decline and decay.  Just look at what is going on in relationships … Continue reading Healers Needed

Nothing is Ever Wasted

We have all felt it at one time or another:  the soul-searing pain of loss.  A job suddenly comes to an end.  A business we have invested in fails.  A relationship we have invested time and energy in ends painfully.  In those moments we can feel like all the time, effort and resources we invested … Continue reading Nothing is Ever Wasted

When Healing Doesn’t Come 3

There is a question that often pops up when someone doesn't receive the healing they desire from the Lord.  This question needs to be addressed so it can be laid to rest once and for all. Photo Credit: mahadewi via Compfight cc Here is the question. "If God really loves me, why doesn't He heal … Continue reading When Healing Doesn’t Come 3

When Healing Doesn’t Come 2

What about... When you have received prayer for healing numerous times and nothing seems to have happened? When you have sought to address some of the commonly known hindrances to healing and nothing seems to have changed? There are some things we need to consider... Photo Credit: zenonline via Compfight cc Near But Not Here … Continue reading When Healing Doesn’t Come 2