When Healing Doesn’t Come 2

What about... When you have received prayer for healing numerous times and nothing seems to have happened? When you have sought to address some of the commonly known hindrances to healing and nothing seems to have changed? There are some things we need to consider... Photo Credit: zenonline via Compfight cc Near But Not Here … Continue reading When Healing Doesn’t Come 2

Will It Ever Get Better?

Photo taken from CNN Lunatics bomb innocent bystanders.  Children are slain in the streets.  Innocent girls are trafficked as sex slaves.  People live in fear of senseless random acts of violence.  Governments are unstable.  Economies fluctuate.  Sabers rattle.  Fingers point.  Households dissolve.  Morale is low.  Confidence is shaken.  Will it ever get any better?  Allow … Continue reading Will It Ever Get Better?