We Are Bankrupt Without This…

Hand and empty pocket

Photo Credit: pedrosales via Compfight cc

The vast majority of western society cares a lot about how they appear to others.  They want those around them to think they are smart, strong, handsome, pretty, competent, etc.  It’s really no different in the Kingdom.  We prefer people to think we are gifted, dedicated, knowledgeable, and the like.  While all these things are good, there is one ingredient that is absolutely essential above them all.  In fact, without this ingredient we are absolutely bankrupt.


Is Hollywood Prophesying?

Is it just me, or has anyone else noticed the number of post-apocalyptic television shows that have been produced lately?  Given the number of shows produced, and their current popularity, one has to wonder of someone isn’t trying to tell us something.  Read on and see what you think…



A Giant Has Passed On

With the passing of Charles “Chuck” Colson on Saturday, April 21st, the Christian community lost one of its major leaders.  This humble man of God stood as a giant among men.