The Answer to Our Chaos

Photo Credit: PatrickGunderson via Compfight cc Chaos dominates our world.  Everywhere we look there is turmoil.  One nation oppresses another.  Economies rise and fall like the waves of the sea.  The weather seems completely out of control.  Governments are deadlocked over policies.  One generation cannot see eye-to-eye with another.  Families split apart.  Children are pulled … Continue reading The Answer to Our Chaos

The Prisoner of the Lord

Photo Credit: steve.grosbois via Compfight cc Therefor I, the prisoner of the Lord...  Ephesians 4:1 NASB The apostle Paul was an amazing fellow.  Having bowed his knee to the one true King who reigns over all (Psalm 103:19), he viewed everything in his life as being orchestrated by the Lord.  Therefore, instead of fretting and … Continue reading The Prisoner of the Lord

No “Random” Acts of Kindness

"Random Acts of Kindness" has become a real catch phrase lately.  You see it everywhere.  In the Kingdom of God, however, I'm not sure there are any "random" acts of kindness.  Allow me to explain what I mean... Photo Credit: Paperclip` via Compfight cc What Are We Talking About? Random acts of kindness can be … Continue reading No “Random” Acts of Kindness

The Great Key

There is a proper posture that we must adopt in order to effectively live in the Reign of God.  We typically fight against this position with everything within us. Read on and find out what it is. Photo Credit: Colin/Murphy via Compfight cc A.B. Simpson In his devotional book Days of Heaven Upon Earth,  A.B. … Continue reading The Great Key