When Healing Doesn’t Come 2

What about... When you have received prayer for healing numerous times and nothing seems to have happened? When you have sought to address some of the commonly known hindrances to healing and nothing seems to have changed? There are some things we need to consider... Photo Credit: zenonline via Compfight cc Near But Not Here … Continue reading When Healing Doesn’t Come 2

A Foretaste of Resurrection

In a previous post I wrote about the key to immortality, referring to the time when all of God's people will experience resurrection from death.  Did you know there is a way we can experience a foretaste of that resurrection today?  Read on to find out how... Jesus' Message From that time Jesus began to … Continue reading A Foretaste of Resurrection

Seeing the Kingdom Come 5

We have been seeing how the Kingdom came in the ministry of the Lord Jesus Christ.  As we observe these things, there are at least two important conclusions we can draw. Conclusion #1 Whenever Jesus came on the scene, the Kingdom of God was brought near enough for people to experience. Jesus' primary message was, … Continue reading Seeing the Kingdom Come 5