Receiving Healing 2

This is the second post on receiving healing from Jesus.  In the first post on this subject, I discussed the characters we see involved in the healing process found  in James 5:14 – 15.  In this post I will discuss the responsibilities of each of those characters.

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Receiving Healing 1

In several recent posts I have been discussing the subject of divine healing.  I wrote about how healing is a foretaste of the resurrection to come.  I also showed you how the Holy Spirit is involved in the healing process.  The role of faith was also considered.  Now I would like to share with you how you can receive healing from the Lord.


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The Key to Immortality

No one wants to die.  It is an experience we seek to avoid at all costs, yet this dark specter dogs our steps and haunts our nightmares from the day we are born. Stories have been told and movies have been made about the fabled fountain of youth that will enable one to live forever.  The funny thing is, the key to immortality has been right in front of us all the time.


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