A God’s Eye View of Prayer

Have you ever wondered how God looks at prayer?  Fortunately He has put it in plain sight for everyone to see... Photo Credit: hjukkhj via Compfight cc If there is anyone who should understand prayer from God's standpoint, it would be the Lord Jesus Christ.  We get a good look at prayer the way God … Continue reading A God’s Eye View of Prayer

Praying in the Reign

The Lord’s Prayer contains several powerful statements about the Lord and His relation to His people.  I wonder what would happen if our hearts could truly grasp these realities as we prayed? Our Father in Heaven The Lord of Heaven has made us His children, and takes responsibility for us as our loving Father. Hallowed … Continue reading Praying in the Reign

Why Pray?

This is a great question that deserves a straightforward answer.  Allow me to offer some perspectives as to why the practice of prayer is important. Personally, I don't like to be engaged in meaningless activity.  I won't do anything simply because "that's the thing to do" (okay...sometimes).  I like my activities to be meaningful and … Continue reading Why Pray?