Our Standing in Christ


From the time we first enter the Kingdom of God, the Holy Spirit has been working to bring our state up to the level of our standing.  Our standing is who we are through our union with the Lord Jesus Christ.   Our state is the way we are at the present moment, whatever that may be.  The enemy of our souls often tricks us into thinking that our state is the real us.  If we agree with him, we will experience life on a much lower level than the Lord intends.  On the other hand, if we begin to agree with the Holy Spirit and live according to our standing in Christ, we will begin to live as though nothing is impossible.

In this brief video, Graham Cooke does a masterful job of outlining our standing in Christ.  It’s one of those videos you will want to view again and again.  It will definitely kick start your day and send you on your way rejoicing as you sally forth to live in the Reign.



Becoming Who We Are

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When we become citizens of the Kingdom of God we are given a whole new identity.  Regardless of who we were before we met King Jesus, He has destined every one of us to become someone who works together with Him in the expansion of His Kingdom.

In this brief video, author/speaker Graham Cooke takes a look at the process the Lord uses to transform us from who we are into who He wants us to be.  No one can say it like Graham can.  I hope you enjoy it.  It will be a real boost to help you as you seek to live in the Reign.