Encountering Kutless

I recently had the privilege of encountering the Christian Band Kutless up close and personal.  This is my report on that encounter.


My son, Sam, is the Marketing Director with Every Eye Media.  Whenever he brings a band to Winnipeg, I normally get drafted to help out in one capacity or another.  This affords me the rare opportunity to interact with the bands behind the scenes.  While I admittedly am not always thrilled about that (it’s normally a long day/half the night affair), I am so glad I did not miss the opportunity of meeting Kutless.

The Genuine Article

The band performed this past Friday night, April 13th, in Winnipeg, Manitoba.  My daughter-in-law (Sam’s wife) and I picked up the five members of Kutless at the Winnipeg Airport.  These guys had not been in the vehicle more than five minutes before I knew they were the genuine article.  Their conversation was laced with references to the Lord.  They were very polite and personable.  They also exhibited a genuine humility.  There was not a shred of “Rock Star” persona about any of them.  They were a real joy to be around.

I also had the chance to spend some good one-on-one time with the lead singer, Jon Micah Sumrall.  I absolutely loved this young man’s heart.  It was obvious from our conversation that he genuinely loves the Lord Jesus Christ, and is very well grounded in the Scriptures.

When asked what the band hoped the audience would take away from their concert, Jon Micah responded that they wanted the people to really encounter God’s love.  For those who did not yet know they Lord, the band members hoped they would encounter His love for the very first time.  For those who were already Christians, the hope was that they would realize God loved them and wanted to have a personal relationship with them.  Jon Micah said he was constantly amazed at how few Christians actually had a personal relationship with the Lord.  His hope was that the music would encourage the listeners to press in closer to God.

During another conversation I was informed that Kutless seeks to run its operation more like a ministry than a business.  In a world where “fame & fortune” can too often blur the original focus of a “Christian” band, this was refreshing to hear.  Although this stance has been costly at times, there was no sense of regret.  How could there be when the focus is to sincerely please the Lord?

The Performance

My wife and I sat in on a good part of the band’s performance that night. The music was excellent and professionally performed.  The song lyrics were genuinely Christian.  The worship set was truly up-lifting.  We were blessed to be there.

The Final Analysis

I know from the inside that not every “Christian” band is Christian.  Some use the Christian label to merely draw an audience and sell products.  That cannot be said of Kutless.  This band is truly Christian from the inside out.  I can whole-heartedly endorse them without the slightest hesitation.

You should go to their website and give their music a listen. I’m sure you will like what you find.

Living in the Reign,


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