Kingdom Books

For those of you who would like to dig a little deeper on the subject of the Kingdom of God, I would like to share some books I believe will help you on your journey of discovery.


The books listed are in no particular order.  You will profit greatly by reading any of them.


George Eldon Ladd was a Baptist minister and professor of New Testament exegesis and theology at Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena, California.  At one time he was considered one of the foremost authorities on the Kingdom of God.  His writing still have a profound influence today. The Gospel of the Kingdom is designed to give the average person a thorough biblical comprehension of  God’s Kingdom without a lot of technical jargon.

 15ef4481cadf452a57298a7f43eb6baeThis book is amazing!  Beginning with the Garden of Eden, Dr. Munroe unveils how God’s original purpose was to fill the earth with the culture of Heaven, and how this initial intention has never changed.  He covers such topics as creating a Kingdom culture, producing a Kingdom community, and living in two worlds on one earth.  I remember being so moved by his insights that I  could hardly make it past the Preface!


Simply Jesus is a book for our times.  Written in the tone of a kindly uncle telling you the most fascinating story, world renowned scholar N.T. Wright presents Jesus in light of the Old Testament prophecies of a coming King, how it affected His ministry among us, as well as what it means to us today.  I know it is one book I will be turning to again and again.  (See my recent review of it here).


Howard A. Snyder serves as Professor of Wesley Studies, at Tyndale Seminary in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.  Dr. Snyder wrote this book long before the current influx of books on the Kingdom of God.  He sets forth the Church as the Community of the King and discusses how that needs to look in practical terms.  This book is well worth the read.

Click on the thumbnails above to order any of the books I have listed.  These books have been a tremendous benefit to me personally, and I know they will bless you as well.  We need to be very grateful to the Lord for those whose writings help us with living in the Reign.


What books have helped you to better understand the Kingdom of God?

2 thoughts on “Kingdom Books

  1. Thanks for your reviews. I would never have tried a book with a grinning be-suited preacher on the front without an enthusiastic recommendation from a serious brother or sister. (God’s Big Idea) But how could I resist your enthusiastic endorsement? 😉 Not only that, but the instant gratification of Kindle is always hard to turn down. Looking forward to a good read. 😀

    Cindy Skillman

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