It’s a Matter of Heart


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Martha Kilpatrick of Shulamite Ministries is a thought provoking author and teacher.  She and her colleagues, John Enslow and Jennifer Wentzel, blog over at Get Along With God.  There they share some deeply stirring material about walking with the Lord.

Living Demonstration

Recently Martha wrote 2 posts entitled Living Demonstration (part 1, part 2).  In part one she provides an amazing illustration of the human heart as a board room where decisions are made.  It will make you think to say the least.  Here is one quote from that post.

“The heart is the determining place of our life’s meaning and direction and most of us are not present at our own meeting. We are not aware of our heart reactions and musings, much less the conclusions that form our very character and our distant future. So we consider that we are just poor victims of life.”

She goes on to share how John and Jennifer (the main authors on the blog) are living demonstrations of how life gets processed with God instead of just letting our minds and emotions run rampant.

In the second post, Martha shares how brutal honesty with God is the true pathway to getting along with Him.  Allow me to share another quote.

“It’s not introspection. It is spiritual honesty, genuine responsibility and it yields peace with God and joy in life. It’s “walking in the Light as He is in the Light…” (1 John 1:7). Presenting yourself always to God’s Searchlight of the heart and letting yourself be found and adjusted.”

That is a powerful statement of spiritual truth that outlines a pathway few are willing to walk.

Go For a Visit

I hope you will go and read both posts in their entirety.  I’m sure you will greatly profit by doing so.  I am equally certain you will find yourself going back to Get Along With God for another visit or two.  You will discover material there that will greatly assist you as you seek to live in the Reign.


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