No Vision

Where there is no prophetic vision the people cast off restraint,
    but blessed is he who keeps the law. Proverbs 29:18 ESV

It will likely surprise you to discover the richest place in the world…

The Richest Place

Do you know what the richest place in the world is?

The answer may shock you.

The richest place in the world is the cemetery.

Yes, you read that right.

Think about it.

The cemetery is filled to overflowing with…

— Books that were never written

— Songs that were never sung

— Sermons that were never preached

— Missions that were never accomplished

— Projects that never saw the light of day

People have lived and died with all these things hidden in the recesses of their hearts and minds. God’s intention was that we die empty, having dispersed all the rich treasure he deposited in our lives. But why do people die with their lives still full?

No Prophetic Vision

The verse quoted above from the book of Proverbs outlines the problem as having no prophetic vision. Prophetic vision refers to God’s specific word that reveals His specific will for a person or a people. Without it the people are said to cast off restraint. They wander aimlessly through life chasing anything and everything because there is nothing to keep them focused and moving toward the work God has for them. Brett & Kate McKay write:

“When you know what your purpose is in life, you won’t aimlessly drift. You’ll be more decisive about how to act and respond in various situations. You’ve got a mission to fulfill.”*

While it is true that ordering our lives according to what we see in the written will of God (the Bible) will keep us in line with God’s general will for our lives, I can’t help but think that God wants more from us than just that.

How Do We Know?

But how do we know that God has more for us than the simple day-to-day routine? That will be the subject of the next post. I’ll show you that God has something special for each one of us to do when we are living in the Reign.


*Brett & Kate McKay, “The Churchill School of Adulthood – Lesson #1: Develop a Mighty Moral Code,” The Art of Manliness, December 10, 2014, (accessed December 12, 2017)

3 thoughts on “No Vision

  1. Man. This is exactly the place I am in right now. I keep seeing it everywhere it seems. The need to know what I was put on this earth for. Thanks,You have inspired me to continue to seek God on this point and to not just wander around aimlessly.

    And it is very true. Desiring to cast off restraint, to just let loose and do whatever, becomes more and more a temptation the more some one feels less and less purpose.

  2. Mac, there was no cheesing it on this one! Often times, we are so afraid of giving to others the things the God has commissioned to grant to mankind; until we all become hopelessly entwined in self. I would say, give and life abundantly will surely be returned unto YOU!

    Continue the GOD work!

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