Regardless What Happens

1 The Lord reigns!The nations tremble.He sits enthroned above the cherubim;the earth shakes.2 The Lord is elevated in Zion;he is exalted over all the nations.3 Let them praise your great and awesome name.He is holy! Psalm 99:1 - 3 NET Tomorrow is a big day in the United States as it's citizens go to the polls to elect their next President. No one is certain … Continue reading Regardless What Happens


The earth and everything in it, the world and its inhabitants, belong to the Lord... Psalm 24:1 CSB What would the result be if we really believed this to be true? It would eliminate litter and waste It would eradicate racism. It would significantly reduce violence in every form. It would undermine idifference. It would … Continue reading Perspective

Why All the Fuss?

6 Then I heard something like the voice of a vast multitude, like the sound of cascading waters, and like the rumbling of loud thunder, saying, Hallelujah, because our Lord God, the Almighty, reigns! 7 Let us be glad, rejoice, and give him glory, because the marriage of the Lamb has come, and his bride has prepared … Continue reading Why All the Fuss?