Following Jesus

Incarnational Christianity


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This past week, Dr. Leonard Sweet posted something on Facebook that really got me to thinking.  He wrote,

“Christianity is a religion of incarnation. Any attempt to make it into a religion of explanation, examination or execution is an abomination.”

In a world where Christ has been theologized, sermonized, debated and hated, I think we do well to pay attention to these powerful words.


Who Are You Following?


If you tell someone they are nothing more than a follower they are likely to get upset.  Everyone wants to think of themselves as being their own person; someone in charge of their own lives.  I hate to break it to you, but we are all followers.  Don’t believe me?  Read on…


Only Two Words


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In the days when He walked among us, it only took Jesus Christ two words to open the Kingdom of God to anyone with ears to hear.  These two words continue to resound from His throne to us today, and we do well to pay attention.


Is It Time to Change the Label?


People use labels to identify themselves all the time.  Conservative.  Liberal.  Gay.  Straight.  Canadian.  American.  The list is endless.  Every time we hear one of those labels, it evokes an image in our minds based on what we know (or think we know) of people who bear them.  The image can be positive or negative, based on our opinion or experience.  I wonder what comes to mind when someone labels themselves a Christian?


Followers of Jesus

We are followers of Jesus Christ.  This sets us apart and makes us distinct from all the other people on the planet.  So lets talk about what it really mean to be followers of Jesus.

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With Just Two Words…

With just two simple words Jesus Christ opened the Kingdom of God to all who would respond.  These two words continue to resound from His throne to us today, and we do well to pay attention.


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