It All Comes Down to Love

Photo Credit: sullivan™ via Compfight cc Every once in a while you come across a blog post that is just too good to keep to yourself.  Brian Zahnd's recent post titled Love Never Ends:  A Meditation is one of those. Brian is the Lead Pastor of Word of Life Church in St. Joseph, Missouri.  He … Continue reading It All Comes Down to Love

The Root Cause

Photo Credit: jcornwe3 via Compfight cc At one point in my life I worked for a pharmaceutical company.  The job I enjoyed more than all the others I did there was conducting investigations.  Because we were manufacturing medicinal products for human consumption, each product had to be manufactured according to strict governmental guidelines.  Any anomaly … Continue reading The Root Cause

Something to be remembered

Photo Credit: Loci Lenar via Compfight cc Christmas is a time for remembering.  We remember a young virgin, hardly more than a child, who abandoned herself to the Lord to bear His Son before she was even married.  We remember her young fiancée who obediently married her, even though he could hardly understand what was … Continue reading Something to be remembered