People of the Future

Photo Credit: ahmed (John) via Compfight cc I am delighted to see the number of authors who are beginning to grasp the truth about the Kingdom of God and its implications.  Today it is my pleasure to refer you to a post by someone who truly understands. Jeff K. Clarke Fellow Blogger Jeff K. Clarke … Continue reading People of the Future

Guest Post: Jeff Clarke

I am blessed beyond measure to have Jeff Clarke write a guest post for Living in the Reign.  Jeff enjoys reading, writing and helping others develop a passion to better understand and live out their faith in the world. I’m also a member of The Word Guild and the 2012 winner of the Canadian Christian … Continue reading Guest Post: Jeff Clarke

The Difference

Jeff K. Clarke has written an excellent post entitled The Difference in Calling Jesus ‘Savior’ and ‘Lord’ and its Implications for Discipleship.  It is one of those "must read" posts for anyone serious about following Jesus. Allow me to provide you with a few quotes to whet your appetite. "In short… "… ‘Jesus is Savior’ … Continue reading The Difference

What is a Christian?

On his blog, Jeff K. Clarke asks the question, "What is a Christian?"  I believe this is a critical question that must be answered by this generation.  While I hope you read the entire post, I want you to take a good look at his conclusions and see if you agree. Questions Answered(from Jeff's blog) … Continue reading What is a Christian?