People of the Future


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I am delighted to see the number of authors who are beginning to grasp the truth about the Kingdom of God and its implications.  Today it is my pleasure to refer you to a post by someone who truly understands.

Jeff K. Clarke

Fellow Blogger Jeff K. Clarke blogs over at Jesus (Re)Centered.  The thing I like about Jeff is that he doesn’t write fluff.  His material is well thought out, insightful, and challenging.  Anyone serious about living under the government of God would benefit from following his blog.

A Recent Post,

In a recent post titled Living in the Present as People of the Future: The Church as the Echo of the Kingdom of God,  Jeff captures the very essence of the lives of those living in the Reign of God.  Allow me to share a few gens from his post.

Anchored in the kingdom Jesus inaugurated and demonstrated throughout his public ministry, death and resurrection, we’re called to echo the future and full realities of God’s promised ‘kingdom come’ in the ‘kingdom now.’ In essence, we are called to pull God’s future into the present.

The world is not as it should be and we should never fully embrace the world as it is. However, we need to live within it, as we work towards making it into the kind of world that reflects God’s best intentions, that point people towards the completed project – a world full of love, justice, peace and hope.

We are kingdom ambassadors. People who pull the future world into the present world. Not escapists, but residents who are called to live out the realities of the world to come within the world that is.

True words.  Biblical words.  Words that should expand our vision of why we are alive.

This Is Who We Are

Jeff absolutely nails it.  This is who we are.  We are people who live in the presence of the future, and who bring the future into today.  Please, do yourself a favor and read the entire article.  File it in some way so you can read it again and again.  It will provide you with much needed encouragement as you continue on your journey of living in the Reign.


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