What Do You Know About Love?


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Love can only be understood by looking at God.  Only those who truly know Him truly know anything about love because He is its Originator and its Ultimate Manifestation.

Beloved, let us love one another, for love is from God, and whoever loves has been born of God and knows God. Anyone who does not love does not know God, because God is love.  1 John 4:7 – 8 ESV

Love is that disposition of character that continually looks away from itself and intentionally wills and pursues the benefit of others.

Love is the foundation of all the other virtues.

Joy is the thrill of love as it invests itself in the lives of others.

Peace is love living harmoniously with all those around it.

Patience (longsuffering) is love’s endurance as it continues to extend good will under trying circumstances.

Kindness is love paying attention to the details so it can benefit others in particularly helpful ways.

Goodness is the character of love as it projects good will to everything around it.

Faithfulness is love’s commitment of fidelity to God and others.  Love is not double-minded.

Meekness is love refusing to respond from a position of power.  Love trusts in the power of the One to Whom it is surrendered.

Self-control is love refraining from promoting itself or seeking to use anyone or anything to its own advantage.

Love is the natural expression of living in the Reign.


The Way to Joy


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A life surrendered to the King is the pathway to joy.  Instead of constantly grasping and keeping for ourselves, we get to partner with the King and experience the overflowing elation of extending ourselves to be a blessing to others.

Those who constantly focus on themselves often live lives of frustration and depression because, let’s face it, not everyone else’s world revolves around them.  They are only happy when they are the center of attention.  They quickly become unhappy when the limelight  focuses on someone else.

On the other hand, those who make the King their focus can rejoice in Him even in the most depressing circumstances.  They live in the light of His love and care even when everything around them looks very dark.  Likewise, those who serve the King by serving others discover the joy filled satisfaction that comes from making the lives of others better.  They tend to forget about themselves as they look to what the Lord is doing in the lives of those around them.  This outward focus tends to chase away depression.

Demos Shakarian, founder of the Full Gospel Businessmen Fellowship International, used to say, “The happiest people on earth are those who find the will of God and do it.”  That’s true.  Living in the Reign is anything but dreary and depressing.