No Such Thing as Supernatural

Photo Credit: -TommyTsutsui- [nextBlessing] via Compfight cc Nicole Cottrell is one of my favourite bloggers.  Insightful, edgy, and straight from the heart, the posts on her blog, Modern Reject, challenge her readers to seriously think through what they really believe about Christ and His Kingdom.  (Did I mention she is one of my favorites?) In … Continue reading No Such Thing as Supernatural

When God is in Charge 4

The word kingdom, when referring to the Kingdom of God, refers to the actual reign of a monarch.  The Kingdom of God, then, refers to the active reign of God,or, God actively taking charge.  If God were truly in charge, exercising Kingly authority, shouldn't we expect to see something released that causes things to be different … Continue reading When God is in Charge 4