When God is in Charge 4

The word kingdom, when referring to the Kingdom of God, refers to the actual reign of a monarch.  The Kingdom of God, then, refers to the active reign of God,or, God actively taking charge.  If God were truly in charge, exercising Kingly authority, shouldn’t we expect to see something released that causes things to be different than they were before?

The apostle Paul makes an important statement in 1st Corinthians 4:20.

For the kingdom of God does not consist in talk but in power.  ESV

The word power in this verse is the Greek word dunamis.  Dunamis is the kind of self-sustaining power that causes things to happen.  When God is actively reigning, we will see this power manifest in and through the lives of those moving in concert with Him.  Let’s look at some examples.


The Lord Jesus Christ came proclaiming the glad news that God’s Kingdom was breaking in upon us (Mark 1:14 – 15). While this was confirmed in a variety of ways, we see it particularly demonstrated in acts of power like

Because Jesus moved in absolute obedience to His Father (John 5:19), great power was manifested in His ministry.

The Apostles

As the apostles continued the Kingdom ministry of the Lord Jesus, we also see demonstrations of power in their ministries such as

As these men sought to extend the Reign of God, the King worked with them and confirmed their labors with demonstrations of His power.

What About Today?

Today it seems like we have been long on talk and short on power.  This has to change.  We need power when we preach and power when we pray.  We need power at home as well as on the foreign field.  How will the world ever believe our message unless they see our King actively reigning in power in the midst of His people?  This is why the people of God must begin truly living in the Reign.


2 thoughts on “When God is in Charge 4

  1. Yes!! Action, not just talk. Absolutely!
    I’d like to chat with you about this sometime. I’ve seen these acts of power in my own life, but it hasn’t expanded beyond me yet. Maybe it’s a growth thing, or a timing thing… I don’t know.
    Yeah… a chat would be good 🙂

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