Disarming Trouble

Eliphaz, one of Job’s “comforters,” hit the nail with his head when he said,

6 For affliction does not come from the dust,
    nor does trouble sprout from the ground,
7 but man is born to trouble
    as the sparks fly upward.  Job 5:6 – 7

It’s true.  We generally do not have to go looking for trouble, trouble will find us without any help.  The good news, as stated in my last post, is that we are at the mercy of no one but God.  Therefore, depending on how we respond, we can actually disarm trouble when it comes knocking and turn it from a stumbling block into a stepping stone.

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Looking at God

As we go to pray, it is important to begin by looking at God.  What a novel though, eh?  While that may sound like a “no brainer,” all too often it is not the posture of praying people.


Photo courtesy of Geri-Jean Blanchard via stock.xchng