Our Lives Must Sing

I will praise you, Lord, among the peoples;
I will sing praises to you among the nations. Psalm 57:9 CSB

Our Whole Lives

The Lord would rather that our whole lives sing to Him in praise rather than just the occasional words from our lips. This is true worship. A life that sings reveals a heart that has been captured by God’s love and gripped by His grace. This is the life that will carry the fragrance of His glory everywhere it goes.

Who’s It For?

Too often the singing we do as the people of God is more for ourselves than it is for the Lord. It causes us to feel good and forget our troubles for a moment. While this is fine, as far as it goes, it cannot end there. It must end with us making a vital connection with the King. The end has to be that we look away from ourselves and become completely absorbed with the King in all His wonder. Then we will worship in truth. Then we will be truly renewed, and Jesus will be truly glorified.

Singing in the Reign

Let’s let our whole life sing to the King. Let everything we do be an offering of praise to Him. Singing in the Reign is the sign of some who is living in the Reign.


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