How to Keep from Being Ugly

Let’s face it, sometimes Christians are ugly.  REALLY ugly.  It can happen so easily when we focus on the wrong thing.  In the video below Bruxy Cavey, Teaching Pastor at The Meeting House, informs us how we can keep from being one of the ugly ones.
Someone once quoted Ghandi as saying, “I like your Jesus but I don’t like your Christians.”  Let’s make Christianity attractive again by focusing on Jesus and following in His footsteps.  After all, that’s what living in the Reign is all about.

Everything is Sacred in the Reign

From March 1 -5, 1994, 85 Christians from 6 continents gathered in Malaysia to seek the Spirit’s guidance on how an understanding of the Kingdom could help to integrate the three streams of world evangelization, social action, and renewal in the Spirit. Their search resulted in a Kingdom Manifesto that erases the line between secular and sacred (go here and click on “Kingdom Manifesto” to read the full article).



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