Does It Matter?

To hear some people tell it, because we have been made the righteousness of God in Christ (2nd Corinthians 5:21) our behaviour doesn’t really matter.  The thinking is that because our salvation is based on the work of Christ, there is nothing we can say or do to mess it up.  Because Christ is the end of the Law for right-standing with God (Romans 10:4) we are pretty much free to conduct life as we see fit.  All that matters is that we believe in Jesus.  But is that true?

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When God is in Charge 3

Every kingdom will reflect the character of the one who rules over it. The Kingdom of God is no different.  When God is in charge, however, there is one characteristic of His reign that you may not find in any other kingdom.



When God is in Charge 1

The Kingdom of God is God, the Sovereign Monarch of all that is, exercising His dominion; fulfilling His agenda.  His rule is exercised predominantly in the lives of His loyal subjects.  What does life look like when God is in charge?

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If There Were No Resurrection…

Can you imagine what it would have meant if Jesus Christ had not risen from the dead?  There would be some very important things that we would never know.



Aligning Our Agendas

When you pray, do you ever consider what is on God’s mind and what He would like to see done?  Or do you simply show up with a shopping list of what you would like to see done?  I wonder if we wouldn’t get a lot further a lot faster if we would put the Lord’s agenda first?