Need a Hug?

Photo Credit: mademoiselle.chaos via Compfight cc Have you observed one of the following scenarios? A classmate sitting across the room who looks like they can barely hold it together? A lady in church standing with her face buried in her hands during the song service? The person sitting all by themselves in the mall who … Continue reading Need a Hug?

Running On Empty?

Photo Credit: NathanaelBC via Compfight cc Feel like you have tried everything and nothing seems to work?  Feel like you have given life your best shot only to receive nothing back from your investment?  Do you feel like you are all tapped out and running on empty with nothing to give to anyone or anything?  … Continue reading Running On Empty?

To Study or to Obey?

“Humanly speaking, we could understand and interpret the Sermon on the Mount in a thousand different ways.  Jesus knows only one possibility:  simple surrender and obedience, not interpreting it or applying it, but doing and obeying it.  That is the only way to hear his word.  He does not mean that it is to be … Continue reading To Study or to Obey?