Established in the Story

From the earliest days of the Church, theology (the study of God) has been a really big deal. And so it should be! As followers of Jesus we need to know what we believe and why we believe it. Therefore, men of every age have tried to articulate the fundamentals of the Christian faith in … Continue reading Established in the Story

Theology of the Kingdom

Photo Credit: Tom.Brook via Compfight cc If I were to ask you what your theology was regarding the Kingdom of God, how would you respond?  If you are like a lot of people, you would have no idea what I was talking about.  It seems as though we have lots of theology about everything else … Continue reading Theology of the Kingdom

I Have Some Questions

Well, it has finally happened.  The new movie Noah, starring Russell Crowe in the title role, has been released.  And, true to form, the reviews have gone haywire.  Some are touting it as a masterpiece.  Others are decrying it as blasphemy.  Some are pushing for everyone to see it.  Others are saying you shouldn't waste … Continue reading I Have Some Questions