The Forgotten Beatitude

imageI have always found it interesting that Jesus never made it easy for others to follow Him.  He constantly challenged people to consider the cost before they embarked on the journey (see Luke 9:57 – 62).  Failure to count the cost could lead to some unfortunate consequences.

We in the western world have had it pretty easy.  We haven’t had to pay much of a price to follow the Lord, at least when we consider what it has cost our brothers and sisters in other nations.  However, with the end of days being upon us, that could rapidly change.  It is becoming less and less popular to be a follower of Jesus.  As the pressure escalates,  people will eventually be put in the situation where they will have to declare themselves.  Some will stand firm in the Lord and shine like the stars of Heaven.  Others, unfortunately, will become offended and fall away.

On his blog Beyond Evangelical, Brother Frank Viola has posted a major article that every Christian should read.  In The Forgotten Beatitude, Frank discusses some of the reasons why people become offended at the Lord and how this can be avoided.  I believe it is an important word for these last days.  It should be given serious consideration by every sincere follower of the Lord Jesus.

Click on the link above to check it out.  You will be glad you did.


One thought on “The Forgotten Beatitude

  1. You’re right, Mac. That was an excellent article and it truly taught me from the Lord. I went through a time of being offended at the Lord — He wasn’t who I thought He was/should be, and that really hurt me. We could save a lot of heartache by learning who He truly is and accommodating ourselves to Him instead of expecting Him to be what we demand that He be. He is after all not a tame lion.

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