We Are All Listeners

At the core of his being, man is essentially a listener.  Did you know that?  It is absolutely true.  I encourage you to please take a moment and read on to find out the critical place this truth holds in our lives.

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No Original Thoughts

Think about it.  Adam, the first man, was created in absolute innocence.  He gazed at the world about him with absolute child-like wonder.  He had no preconceived ideas; no expectations of any kind.  All he knew was what he was told and what his environment impressed upon him.  He had no original thoughts of his own.

Since that time, none of us have had any original thoughts of our own.  Does that surprise you?  We are all merely the products of the myriad of messages, spoken and unspoken, that we have listened to from the day we were born to this present moment.

A Fundamental Truth

This leads us to an important fundamental truth that we do well to pay heed to:

He who governs our ear governs our life .

Whoever we give an audience to will determine the direction in which we walk.  This, in turn, will determine the outcome of our lives.  It is no wonder the Lord constantly pleaded with His people to listen to Him!

The First Test

The first test of the newly created order was whether or not man would listen to God.  God commanded Adam to not eat from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil (Genesis 2:16 – 17).  Unfortunately man failed by turning a deaf ear to God and listening to the voice of the serpent as it came through the voice of his wife (Genesis 3:17).  This plunged him into a state of separation from God and the chaos that results from trying to decide what is good and what is evil on his own.  Jesus, on the other hand, defeated the tempter by continually inclining His ear to the Word of God (Matthew 4:1 – 11).

This same tug of war continues to this day.  Author/teacher Martha Kilpatrick puts it well in her online article Sources,

“In the story of our original problem, both God and Satan gave thoughts to humanity. Both spoke and both continue to speak down to our very day, to this present and looming moment. And mankind is ever merely an unoriginal listener with only the choice of ‘whose’ thoughts to hear and ponder. Two voices speak to us by a current stream of ideas. Every moment presents a choice between voices from two contrary Ideals.”

An Important Question

So let me ask you a question:

Who are you listening too?

We are all listeners.  Right now, at this very moment, we are all listening to someone.  Let’s make every effort to ensure the primary voice we listen to is the voice of God.  That will keep us living in the Reign.


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