A Great Book on Faith!


I have read a lot of books on faith in my day, but none of them have come even remotely close to Beth Moore’s book Believing God. This is an outstanding book on what it looks like to truly walk by faith in a living God. There is no froth or bubble here; no 10 easy steps to get anything you want from God. What you will find is the kind of knockdown, drag out, wrap your fingers in God’s robe and hang on kind of faith that it takes to survive in this world.

With rich insight, genuine humility, and laugh outloud humor, Beth shares her own journey in developing a genuine walk of faith. Her candor invites us all to step back and take a look at ourselves and realize that none of us has made it just yet. We are all in process and growing. We may stumble many times along the road, but God never gives up and neither should we. Also provided are some very practical tools to help the reader grow in their own faith walk.

I highly recommend this book to anyone wanting to truly understand what it means to believe God. After all, walking by faith is what living in the Reign is all about. Thank you, Miss Beth, for writing a great book to encourage us all.


Canadian friends can purchase it here.

American friends go here.

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