Under God’s Government


“For the Kingdom of God is not just a lot of talk…” the Apostle Paul

We’re Responsible

No one is responsible for our attitudes or actions but us. Others may influence or irritate us, but they cannot dictate how we will respond. No one is responsible for, or accountable for, our obedience. Others may hinder us, but they cannot stop us unless we let them.

God Dictates

Life under God’s government is just that, life under His government. He dictates our attitudes and actions. He dictates where we live, who we serve, and how we serve. Anything short of that falls far below His ideal. This is why the hearing God life is not optional. Hearing God is absolutely essential.

A Life That Preaches

Let it be stated again, life under God’s government means life under His government. It is a practical walk to which He calls all of His sons and daughthers. It’s all about the walk. There is no room for merely idle words. It is a life that preaches by its very existence and the way it conducts itself. Can those who observe our lives tell that we  are among those who are living in the Reign?


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