Another Way


In this post, I would like to introduce you to another method of reading your Bible that you may not have thought of before.

Old Standards

In a previous post, I provided you with several methods of Bible reading that have proven effective for countless people over the years. These old standards generally require you to read a certain number of chapters per day in order to make it through the Bible in one year’s time. While there is certainly nothing wrong with these methods, there are times when the reading can be a little tough, especially when one of the chapters you have to read is Psalm 119 with its 176 verses! Still, it’s doable if you are will to put in the time and effort.

But I would like to introduce you to another way…

Try Pages

I first learned of this method from a telecast featuring Mrs. Judy Reamer. She, in turn, learned it from Mr. Philip Green. What makes this method unique is that, instead of focusing on reading a number of chapters per day, it focuses on reading a number of pages daily.

Yes, you read that right: pages not chapters.

It works like this: Find out the number of pages of Scripture text there are in your reading Bible. Divide that number by 365. That will tell you how many pages you will need to read in order to read the entire Bible in one year. On average, that will come out to about five pages per day. That’s not much at all.

Now, how many times would you like to read through the Bible this year? Twice? Simply add another five pages. Ten pages per day are more than doable for the average reader. Ten chapters on the other hand???

Does It Work?

The most legitimate question to ask at this point is, “Does it work?” Let me put it to you like this, when Mr. Philip Green (the gentleman who largely developed and promoted this method) started out, he read the Bible through six times in one year. That means in five years he had read the Bible all the way through thirty times. After twenty-eight years of using this method, the man was reading his Bible through once every three days! (Okay, you can start breathing again.) Do the math and you realize he was reading the Bible through one hundred and twenty-one times yearly. When you total it all up, in a 28 year period, Philip Green read through the Bible a total of five hundred and eighty-four times! What’s more, he did it while carrying on an active life and ministry.

I’ve Started

I’ve started using this method of Bible reading this year. As of this writing, I am well on my way toward reading through the Bible for the second time this year. Yes, I had to adjust my schedule a little bit, but that is a small sacrifice considering the rewards. In a time when the truth is being challenged on every side, I believe it is imperative for our lives to be saturated with God’s Word, especially if we are serious about living in the Reign.


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