Seven Letters


If you are tempted to think that John’s seven letters to the seven churches in the Revelation have little, or nothing, to do with us, you may want to rethink that…

When he was well into his eighties, the apostle John was exiled to the Isle of Patmos. It was a narrow stretch of rock in the northern part of the Mediterranean Sea. While he was there he had an epic encounter with the risen Christ that resulted in him writing seven letters to seven churches in the (mostly) southwestern part of modern day Turkey. Why those letters were written and what they mean to us is the focus of this message.


If you would prefer, you can download the audio of this message on and take it with you.

For those who like to take notes, there is a study sheet for this message that will help you follow along.

These letters are as pertinent to us today as they were to those to whom they were written. They are designed to prepare us for the unfolding of God’s prophetic plan. We do well to immerse ourselves in their contents.



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