The Glorified Christ


If you are still thinking of Jesus Christ as a young, bearded, middle eastern man with kind eyes and a gentle demeanor, you may need an upgrade in your perception…

Scripture Reading: Revelation 1:9 – 20

After His death and resurrection, Jesus Christ ascended back into Heaven. Although He retained His manhood, He now exists in a glorified state. This is what John saw in his vision on Patmos. Because this is the Christ we are now dealing with, and this is the One who will be returning, it would be in our best interests to become acquainted with Him. I would encourage you to watch the video of a message I recently did on the topic.


If you would prefer, you can download the audio of this message on and take it with you.

For those who like to take notes, there is a study sheet for this message that will help you follow along.

Learning to relate to Christ in His present state can make for a serious upgrade in your experience of living in the Reign.





3 thoughts on “The Glorified Christ

  1. This changes a lot of things. I’ve noticed my perspective on the glorified Christ is changing my thinking already. It is amazing! It’s very enlightening!!!

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