Playing Our Role

There has been a lot of talk about playing our role in the Body of Christ, but I wonder if we really know how important it is?

It takes everyone playing their role in the Body of Christ for the fullness of Christ to really be seen. It’s amazing how few Christians understand this. That’s why we need to take a serious look at what Paul writes in the book of Ephesians. I unpack it in the message below.

You can also download the audio at to take with you.

If you are one of those who likes to take notes, a study sheet is available for you to download.

Playing our role in the Body of Christ is simply one more facet of living in the Reign.



2 thoughts on “Playing Our Role

  1. this is a timely necessary message; it seems like something I’ve been waiting to hear, but needed it put into the proper order, as this is. Keeping Jesus as our focus is vital. I agree that the Church can come around again to what God meant for it to be, and that might take an outpouring of the Holy Spirit. Otherwise, I guess it would take mass obedience by the people, which, I guess, would be the Holy Spirit at work in everyone. I am very thankful for this message. And now for faithful prayer and trust.

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