Who is this Child?

8 In the same region, shepherds were staying out in the fields and keeping watch at night over their flock. 9 Then an angel of the Lord stood before them, and the glory of the Lord shone around them, and they were terrified. 10 But the angel said to them, “Don’t be afraid, for look, I proclaim to … Continue reading Who is this Child?

Guest Post: Anna Foulkrod

I am honored to have my first guest post written by Anna Foulkrod.  I first met Anna during my Daughter's wedding back in September of 2012.  Anna was organizing the Wedding Reception.  I could hardly believe she was only 17 at the time.  This girl was collected, organized, and in charge.  She is arguably one … Continue reading Guest Post: Anna Foulkrod

Jesus is Lord!

These three words, Jesus is Lord, comprise the earliest Christian Creed we know of.  This statement serves as an adequate confession of faith as it sums up the whole biblical revelation of Jesus Christ.  How can that be?  Read on and see what I mean... JESUS is Lord Jesus identified the One the early believers … Continue reading Jesus is Lord!

Who is this Child?

At the Advent season, there is a question that presents itself and demands an answer.  It is a question that must be answered by every age and generation.  The question is this:  "Who is this Child?"  Who is this Child whose birth gave rise to a holiday that is celebrated all over the world?  Who … Continue reading Who is this Child?

If There Were No Resurrection…

Can you imagine what it would have meant if Jesus Christ had not risen from the dead?  There would be some very important things that we would never know. For instance... Was He actually the Son of God, or just another man? Was His death sufficient to take away our sins? Do we have any … Continue reading If There Were No Resurrection…