Guest Post: Anna Foulkrod

Anna0041BI am honored to have my first guest post written by Anna Foulkrod.  I first met Anna during my Daughter’s wedding back in September of 2012.  Anna was organizing the Wedding Reception.  I could hardly believe she was only 17 at the time.  This girl was collected, organized, and in charge.  She is arguably one of the most amazing young ladies I have every met.

Anna blogs at As Always, Anna.  While not entirely new to the blogosphere, Anna is an up and comer that will have much to share with the world.  I hope you will take the time to visit her blog.  For now, please read on as Anna shares from her heart what the Kingdom of God means to her.

Anna’s Words…

Hello, new friends!! I am so blessed be here sharing my heart with you! Before we dive into “what the kingdom means to me,” I’d love to share a little bit about who I am with you. I am a freshly graduated 18 year old from Raleigh, North Carolina. The Lord continually shows me how to view his lovely world and his majestic works through the goggles of stories to write. So, I process this wonderfully-made-yet-sin-stained world through words. By His grace, it relates to others and begins fellowship- something that God’s heart desires for his children. Anyways, besides writing, I take pleasure in all things beautiful- painting, creating and re-purposing… More than anything else, I desire to walk deeper into my Father’s heart, discovering his beauty and losing all of myself in the knowledge of his perfection. And with that, it’s nice to meet you!

My excitement to write these thoughts on the Kingdom can hardly be contained! Recently, I visited some dear, sweet missionary friends in Madagascar to serve alongside of them and to continue sharing the Grand News of Jesus in the southwest, Tulear. During my stay, the Lord changed my heart towards missions. Not just, “Oh, missions are so great” kind of change… More like “Perfect Savior! You have revealed how my heart was created to serve You!” And so, my plans have taken a complete 180 and I am reminded that living in the reign of Christ can be quite inexpressibly adventurous at times. Every single one of my plans – all of my previous ambitions have changed… Except for my ultimate desire: To live in the reign of a glorious God who has all things planned, all things under control, amid a clueless wreck like me standing before his throne, hands wide open and no plan in sight. Even though not having a plan shakes a type A-er like me to the core, I’m witnessing the faithfulness of Jesus as he constantly opens new doors for me to trustingly walk through on this path called “overseas missions”. Even though I’m doing the exact things I pridefully said I’d never do, He kindly humbles me with each step. Even though I’m unsure what the answers will be on questions like where exactly will I go? what will I do? who will prayerfully and financially support such an atypical, out-of-order life plan?, I believe in a God who reigns supremely over all of this. And that is my answer to why I don’t worry, why I am able to walk an unordinary path and why I am madly in love with my Savior.

A Young Fire Brand

Anna is one of the young fire brands the King is raising up in these last days to further the cause of His Kingdom.  With a no-holds-barred commitment to the King, her life is a model of someone living in the Reign.

Thanks for sharing your heart Anna.


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