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Guest Post: Heather Rae Hutzel

I am very pleased to host a guest post by Heather Rae Hutzel on Living in the Reign.

HeatherRaeHutzel_lowresAfter publishing her Amazon Bestselling novel, The Book of Life: The Greatest Story Ever Told, Heather Rae Hutzel began a journey of discovering what it truly means to live in the radical story that God designed for us. What that meant for Heather was quitting her job in the marketing research industry to pursue a God-given dream to unite and prepare the Bride of Christ for the return of her King. Heather inspires and challenges the Church to abandon the status quo of watered-down, Americanized Christianity to pursue a radical, sold-out Kingdom life.

Heather lives with her husband in Northern Kentucky where they enjoy spending time in their garden, taking photographs, and playing with their beloved dog. You can find out more at HeatherRaeHutzel.com.

You will enjoy what Heather Rae has to say…


Possessing Our Possessions 9

As we continue on the journey in our new season with the Lord, it is important that we pursue it until we reach the Lord’s intended end.  It is easy to become tired of pressing in and quit.  We can also become satisfied with how much progress we have made and decide we have gone far enough.  There are inherent dangers, however, in stopping too soon.

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Possessing Our Possessions 2

In the first post on possessing our possessions we discussed the need to leave the past behind.  That is only half the equation.  We must then look forward and take the necessary steps to enter our promised land.

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