Everything is Sacred in the Reign

From March 1 -5, 1994, 85 Christians from 6 continents gathered in Malaysia to seek the Spirit’s guidance on how an understanding of the Kingdom could help to integrate the three streams of world evangelization, social action, and renewal in the Spirit. Their search resulted in a Kingdom Manifesto that erases the line between secular and sacred (go here and click on “Kingdom Manifesto” to read the full article).



In the final summation summation of the manifesto they record the following statement:

“As Christians gathered together from six continents, we affirm that Jesus’ Good News of the Kingdom requires that we observe his Kingly rule:

in all things.

Therefore there is no human activity, no region of human endeavour which is beyond God’s reign.

at all times.

Therefore we repudiate any distinction between the sacred and the secular which obscures that biblical truth that God is King of all times and places.

in all situations.

Therefore we urge all Christians to seek first the Kingdom of God in the home, in the Church, at work, in study, in their local community, during recreation and in all other activities of their lives as our highest priority in our lives.”

I could not have said it better myself.  Only when the Lord Jesus has a say in every facet of our lives (family, worship, work, play, etc.) are we truly living in the Reign.


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